We were in Phoenix for a family event and had to kill a few hours before heading back to the airport. We stumbled upon The Burg, saw it had off-track betting and figured that could be fun. They didn’t get to us for a bit, but they seemed a little short-staffed for the number of customers they had. It had started raining about an hour before showed up so maybe that changed their usual customer flow? At any rate, once we did get service, she was awesome. They have happy hour prices in the afternoons so the five of us had drinks and snacks for around $50 – pretty amazing really. I couldn’t eat them (gluten) but my folks split the boneless buffalo wings and said they were great. I had some crazy blue cocktail with rum that was delightful. My brother played the horses a bit while we hung out. If I found myself back in PHX on this side of town, I’d definitely visit again.